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[08/12/2013] all three DTRP releases underneath the christmas tree!

As we will soon announce a bunch of new releases on Down The Road Productions it's about time to put our backcatalogue back on the map!

Let's herewith introduce our all three DTRP releases underneath the christmas tree campaign!

During the whole december month you only pay EUR 14.99 (excl. p&p) and get all three DTRP releases underneath your christmas tree!

Can't wait? We bet you can't!

Here's how to obtain these 3 christmas balls:

--> Navigate to "E" 
--> go to "Elitmusikpromopackages" 
--> select "All three DTRP releases underneath the christmas tree"


PS: Trancelike Void Silhouettes Of Misery Digicd + Trancelike Void shirt campaign still valid, last copies! 

PS II: Campaign does not include balls.
[23/02/2013] Now available in the ElitMusik webshop

For those of you who where interested in the Trancelike Void package "Silhouettes Of Misery" 6-pannel digipack in combination with a shirt size S:

we have them in store now!
Act fast as these are the last copies and re-prints are out of the question!
[02/02/2013] Now available in the ElitMusik webshop
The Trancelike Void promo package.
Get your hand on this melancholic piece of art accompagnied by an official Trancelike Void shirt for the special price of €14,99.
Check our webshop now!
This is a very limited offer, 1st and last press of this shirt!
[29/09/2012] …, Enter The Facts…
…, Enter The Facts…

Today we proudly announce the opening of the ElitMusik webshop.
It has been there for ages but now it’s finally open.

In the shop, for now, we present you the excellent releases from our production- houses Down the Road Productions and Deaden Productions.

To celebrate the start of our shop we have a special package price for those who are interested to buy all of the available items at once. Buy all 4 albums and get your shipping for free! Check for the package at http://www.ElitMusik.net

“Like” us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ElitMusik)
“Follow” us on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/Elitmusik)
& Spread the Word!

Next update will include a preview of an upcoming release on Down the Road Productions… Stay tuned…
[27/09/2012] “Why has Elitmusik been put to rest?”, “What’s happening with Elitmusik?”…
As we hear the name Elitmusik buzzing around it gives us the energy to fulfill our goals even more, which is also the reason why you are reading this right here, right now!
For those who can be considered amongst those mentioned above we did felt that some sign of life from our side would be appropriate…

To set one thing straight already, Elitmusik did not stopped its activities and will not stop their activities for a long time!

Admitted, facing the fact that there has been no news from us for at least a 2 years (especially when getting confronted with the date of our last post shown on this channel) one might think that we do no longer exist…

Let’s not bother all of you with the “why” and “how“ things are like they are…

We are putting together a new team which brings us immediately to the fact that YOU might be the one we are looking for.
Stay tuned on our channels to read more about it soon!

We will try to put up some news regarding our activities more regularly.

Some of the next updates will focus on our previous as well as upcoming releases and how to get a hold of them.
For those who haven’t become a customer of Elitmusik yet, feel free to register yourself and also subscribe to our different RSS feeds. This gives you the opportunity to hear the news first and most importantly from the only trustworthy source… Stop the gossip, enter the facts!
[03/10/2010] launch of our homepage
The first news message to inform you all that Elitmusik is a fact! Months of preparations and finding the right allies have been prior to the result of what's shown on your screens today.

The news section will mainly focus on topics that are relevant to the extension of our database while the events section will be focusing on the latest tours/exhibitions/gigs from the artists that we support.

To find out who we are and what we do, we'd like to suggest you to go and have a look at our about section.

If you feel like becoming a member of our network then just go to our registration form to become a member, but do keep in mind that you need to accept the rules within our manifest in order to become and remain a member of Elitmusik.

The manifest will be updated continiously. If you want to keep yourself updated about all this then do subscribe to our manifest news Rss feed. More about this at the bottom of this message.

Some of our sections (e.g. news, events) give you the oppurtunity to subscribe for those sections using the Rss feed principle. For those who aren't familiar with this principle we can simply say that it's a better way of staying informed about the latest information regarding Elitmusik without getting your personal email accounts filled with notifications. Instead of this Rss uses the favourites tab from your brower and creates a feeds tab were all feeds you collect from different pages using the Rss function will be stored.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!
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