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[27/01/2014] Trancelike Void t-shirt merchandise

Your prayers have been heard!
We recently received many inquiries from elitists wanting to buy a Trancelike Void shirt already having the Silhouettes Of Misery release in their possession.

Therefore we give them the chance to purchase this Trancelike Void shirt one final time.
Purchase today or will regret tomorrow!

[20/01/2014] The last day of the sobriety campaign!

Because today is Blue Monday we will keep our sobriety Campaign offer open for one final day!

The winner of the competion will be reveiled in one of our next posts alongside with his/her price(s).

Use this final day as a chance to purchase our releases against sobriety campaign rates.

Enjoy the rest of your blue monday with a Tristram song

[13/01/2014] Weeding out the posers from the true supporters!

There are times when you have to stand up for your values and defend what you claim to support.

Purchasing merchandise from bands that you like, shouldn't be about "just" showing off their logo on your chest! True support is all about what hides beneath the surface and being able to defend it when it's questioned, no matter the amount of scorn that may come with it. For those who believe band-shirts must include a logo we kindly supplied it on the back, so if you insist on showing off the logo you must have some discomfort.

Show devotion towards Hypothermia, because you are worth less! 

PS: stock amounts of this wonderful shell (especially the girlies) are very low. Check our last copies to find out those items that have less than 5 units left!

[06/01/2014] Choose your Shell: Poll January 2014

This time around we think it's your turn to have a say in what shells we shall print.
There is always merchandise waiting to happen, so take this opportunity to shorten the waiting-time!
Comment on our Facebook post which Shell you want us to release next:

Shell 000 Hypothermia new shirt design

Shell 000 Lifelover new shirt design (a.o. e.g. new colour?)

Shell 000 Kall shirt design

Feel like something is missing?
Don't worry!
The more people participating in this poll, the more say you will have on which Shells we will release in the future!

[30/12/2013] Sobriety Prevention Campaign!

Here we are, some days after Christmas, having New Year ahead of us.

You have just spent most or all of your money on some of the nicest alcohol you could get a hold on.

If you missed out on that last part already, we hereby encourage you to have a look at the pictures of our campaign… This liquid gives you guaranteed satisfaction!

Don’t be sober on Christmas, don’t be sober after Christmas and the same goes for New Year!

Our releases included in this campaign will prevent you from being or becoming sober as the soundwaves pressed on these silver diamonds will force you to explore the unexplored!

We can’t help you with purchasing the alcohol (you did get valuable information though), but we can help you save money however, to buy as much alcohol as possible by offering our sound explorations at a very very low introduction price!

As you might not be sober, click here to obtain your sobriety prevention:

--> select "Sobriety Prevention Campaign" followed by the combination(s) you want to purchase.

PS: Bottles aren’t included in the campaign offer! 

Don't forget to like this post on facebook and please provide us with some pictures including any of our chalices and showing that you haven't been sober. We will pick a winner and have a nice present for you! No inspiration? This should help...

[30/12/2013] Issue for customers living in Sweden fixed

Our webdesigner has fixed the issue regarding customers living in Sweden being unable to have Sweden as their delivery adress when placing orders.

This means that the earlier announced workaround [26/12/2013] Temporary workaround for customers living in Sweden only  is no longer required.

Our database engineer will change back the profiles from all customers living in Sweden.
These modifications will take place during the next couple of days and won't affect your orders in any way.

Don't hestitate to contact us in case you would encounter any problem of any kind related to Elitmusik.Net, but keep in mind to Always use the contactform for that!

We'd like to thank those of you that noticed this previous issue, both for mentioning it and ofcourse for being patient!
[28/12/2013] Iconic trademarks of Narcotic Metal nearly depleted! Thank You!!!

We'd like to thank all you Elitists for the great respons on our Elitflashes and offcourse for the huge amount of orders placed!

We'll be showing our gratitude for this to all of you very soon as our renewed crew are working on some great projects.
The money from the orders will be invested in those projects entirely!
Please remember that we are a non-profit organization in contrast to other organizations.
All we undertake is for the artist but without your support the artists existence is threatened!

As the title of the Elitflash allready mentioned, we are running out of Lifelover merchandise, so if you still want to get a hold of your own copy then you shouldn't hesitate to order today.

In our last copies section you'll be able to see which stock items that are getting depleted and with that, we mean that we have less than 5 copies left per item!

Wishing you the worst new year ever!
The Elitcrew

PS: as true dedicated followers of our own sobriety prevention campaign (which will be announced soon), no orders will be processed between 31/12/2013 and 02/01/2014

[26/12/2013] Temporary workaround for customers living in Sweden only

We recently received a lot of issues from Swedish customers being unable to order from our webshop.

We’d like to thank those customers for their feedback and like to mention that we are aware of the situation.

To make sure that all Swedish customers are able to order from Elitmusik we have created a temporary workaround only for them.

It will give you the time to order from us immediately and don’t take the risk to miss out on something, while it gives us the time to ask our webdesigner to come up with a solution for this issue.

here's what to do:

* register yourself to our webshop and make sure to specify the exact delivery adress as your regular adress, with the exception of the country you live in.

* Instead of Sweden please choose another Scandinavian country from the countrylist in your Delivery address while keeping it as Sweden in your personal address.

*Make sure the "My address is also the delivery address box" is not checked

* You will then be able to proceed with your order and if you pay through paypal we will refund the excess amount to your provided account.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will put a new post online when the problem is being fixed.

[23/12/2013] Taint yourself with the iconic trademark of Narcotic Metal

We are proud to offer you this piece of Lifelover legacy merchandise which we so far only have sold at our events and the bands concerts.
This logo-shirt was designed and officially contracted by B & ( ) to Shell Productions, making it the only official logo-merchandise by the band to date!

Originally this shirt was available as both regular t-shirts, long-sleeves and girlie t-shirts.
By the time that some of you read this, some models and sizes may be out of stock.
But fear not! more will be made in the future in case there is a demand for it.

Don't forget to participate in our Facebook-poll after New Year Eve to make a difference in what shirts will be re-printed first! 

For more Shell Productions releases just select Shell Productions from the All Elitlabels listbox to see what have to offer more and what will be offered soon!
[15/12/2013] We wish you an unhappy christmas and a doomy new year!

The only Abyssmal Sorrow shirt ever printed.

After a debut mini-album, this cult black funeral doom band released a truly overwhelming album on Deaden Productions (one of the divisions distributed under the Elitmusik banner exclusively) entitled Lament.

Even though the album has long sold out, we still have the last of these official band shirts available. These will never be reprinted.

This post is being both provided and recommended by no one less than mr H (Trancelike Void, Monads, Kilte, Hypothermia) himself!
With other words, highly recommended by someone who should know!

This newsflash is one of more interesting informational posts that will be provided by our Elitmusik experts, whom will recommend you the quality of our artists in the coming weeks!
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