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Introduction to the manifest.

During the next couple of months you'll be able to find our manifest here. Until we finally achieved a manifest that all members should accept and agree with if they want to use (or continue to use) our services, you should click here (an Rss feed with the latest manifest additions can be found there.)

By subscribing to the manifest news rss-feed you have the guarantee that you'll be updated on all changes in the manifest. This is also a check up for yourself whether you want to remain a member of our network organisation or not.

Every member of Elitmusik has the right to terminate their subscription if something in the manifest would show up that one can't agree with. For us as an organisation network it's of main importance that all members agree fully with the rules stated in the manifest. Nothing from our manifest content is negotiable!

If you want to make sure that you have the latest edition of our manifest scroll to the bottom of this page were the date of the latest edition can be found.

At the bottom of this page you will also be given the possibility to download the latest version of our manifest in order to keep you up to date.

Who are we?

Elitmusik is a Belgian/Swedish network organisation that focuses on distribution of music, writings and arts made and created by artists. The creators of this network organisation are strong individuals that want to contribute by making a selection of all quality music that today's market has to offer. This means music in the widest sense of the word.

Through this way of working we'd like to distinguish ourselves from any regular distribution company. Not because we think we can do better, but more because we bound our past and present experiences within these territories to create an own selection of items that we feel are worth some extra attention. Music in general has experienced a lot of (negative?) changes during the last couple of years. According to us many labels and distro's are focusing on bands that should be ignored. Elitmusik makes the selection for you. Our customers will only be able to purchase items from us that enjoy our full support only. 

Some examples of things that Elitmusik is/will be dealing with are: (please note that this list is just a brief listing of what we stand for and that this list can and will be extended at any time)
* distribution for labels whom we  think are worth in getting distribution
* distribution for artists whom we think are worth in getting distribution
* being a booking agent for artists whom we think are worth to spread its sounds throughout the world

Another important thing to be mentioned is the fact that our customers will be involved in our works as we're trying to create and extended network here. 

For a brief representation of who we are and/or to introduce us to new customers we'd suggest to have a look at our about section.

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