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Elitmusik is a Belgian/Swedish network organisation that focuses on distribution of music, writings and arts made and created by artists.

One can become a member of Elitmusik by filling in the online registration form and by accepting all statements included in our manifest. Through this way of working we'd like to distinguish ourselves from any regular distribution company. Not because we think we can do better, but more because we bound our past and present experiences within these territories to create an own selection of items that we feel are worth some extra attention. Music in general has experienced a lot of (negative?) changes during the last couple of years. According to us many labels and distro's are focusing on bands that should be ignored. Elitmusik makes the selection for you. Our customers will only be able to purchase items from us that enjoy our full support only.

Another important thing to be mentioned is the fact that our customers will be involved in our works as we're trying to create and extend a network here.

The creators of Elitmusik are devoted volunteers that are in no way financially bound to the network organisation of Elitmusik, which means that all creators work with their hearts and not for their wallets.

Therefore prices to purchase items have been kept as low as possible in order to reach as much devoted customers as possible. The small profits we receive from your orders will be invested right back into the organisation and it will be used to extend our range of variety in music and arts even more...

There are many things in progress at this very moment so this section will be updated frequently. Do expect some (un)pleasant surprises!
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